The QuantumMining project aims at fulfilling the following objectives:

Objective 1: Implementation of the quantum oblivious transfer (QOT) primitive over a point-to-point link . QOT is a basic primitive that can be used to implement a set of quantum protocols. Nevertheless, to make these protocols compatible with data mining it is mandatory to achieve a very-high rate of QOTs.

Objective 2: Development of a quantum privacy-preserving data mining protocol based on the OT. We are going to develop a quantum protocol to support quantum privacy-preserving data mining. This OT based protocol will guarantee the privacy of individual information within a database during the mining process, independently of storage strategies, like “intercept now, decrypt later” attacks, and the amount of computational power used to attack the system (i.e., even against an attack with a quantum computer).

Objective 3: Field trial of the quantum privacy-preserving data mining. The final objective of QuantumMining includes the implementation of the developed quantum privacy-preserving protocols for data mining in a hybrid classical-quantum scenario, where classical optical signals will be used to setup the typical communication protocols, and the quantum signal will be used to setup the QOT protocols. The field trial is going to be implemented based on two Genome databases distributed between the two different buildings of IT-Aveiro, which are connected by optical fibers. In each IT-Aveiro building a user will perform statistics over the two Genome data bases.

With the proposed concept, QuantumMining will contribute to the creation of new trustable and privacy aware data mining technologies, thus helping, among others, health players on the exploitation of the genomic knowledge to improve their ability to monitor health and to prevent, detect, treat and manage diseases.