Team Members

QuantumMining project joins expertise in distinct research areas ranging from optical communications, quantum cryptography, information theory/security, and genetics. The Institute of Telecommunications (IT) group at Aveiro site has been focusing in experimental and numerical issues, and successfully developed single-photon and entangled photon-pairs sources, and recently implement a two state quantum bit commitment protocol. The SQIG group at IT Lisbon site has been addressing theoretical issues and proposed new protocols for message authentication, for contract signing, for bit commitment and oblivious transfer. The Coimbra Genomics (CBRA) is a small company that will contribute with experts on genetics, bio-informatics and software developing. Its experience on leading innovative R&D projects will be important on the exploitation of project results.

IT – Aveiro

IT – Lisbon


  • Ana Sofia Pinto

Former Team Members Hired 

  • Andoni Santos
  • Mariana Ramos